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ASSEHS European project intends to contribute to the innovation of care for the ageing population in Europe by generating knowledge on the use of stratification tools at policy making, healthcare management and clinical intervention and practice levels.

ASSEHS focuses on how to widen the use of stratification tools by studying methodologies and solutions to barriers that arise as a consequence of implementing stratification tools and models in actual interventions. ASSEHS will directly tackle the challenge of deployment of stratification strategies across the EU, to change the way of doing medicine into proactive and targeted interventions adequate to the needs of patients.

ASSEHS will produce deliverables, including the White Paper on stratification methods, of value for transferring results to other regions and healthcare systems; supporting them in the transformation of their healthcare. Best practices on stratification methods validated in ASSEHS European regions will be examples for the development of programs for managing multi-morbidity among frail older European citizens. Knowledge from ASSEHS will help policy-makers and stakeholders to decide and advocate the implementation of stratification methods in their regions and to plan customized interventions for frail older European citizens.

ASSEHS European project is fully aligned with the EIP on AHA and supports the implementation of its Action Plans, especially the B3 Group on "Integrated care".

ASSEHS can give a great support to Action Area 4 of the EIP on AHA thanks to the alignment with this Action Area and the contribution to achieve the ASSEHS deliverables planned in Action Area 4.  Moreover, the experiences assessed will be in an integrated care context, which will enrich other action areas of Action Plan B3. ASSEHS will as well contribute to the Action Plan A3 by contributing to the identification of people in risk of frailty and implementation of coordinated interventions to improve the quality of life of complex frail patients under the umbrella of the EIP on AHA. ASSEHS’s outputs will pave the way for the development of personalized integrated care and fine tune interventions for frail patients.

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This webpage arises from the project ASSEHS which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme (2008-2013).