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A pioneer in Telemedicine since 1996, Telbios has a wide experience in the design and realization of programs and services to manage new pathways of care for the main chronic diseases and assistance of the patient at home. Telbios has a recognized civil partnership with the Italian Defense Ministry on issues of telemedicine. Headquartered in Italy (Milan), operates a Service Centre (24 hours/365 days) for tele-assistance and telecardiology services. Telbios can count on a secure and reliable infrastructure for disease management and tele-monitoring and participates to the Regione Lombardia CReG (Chronic Related Group) project for the care coordination of chronic patients by family doctors. Telbios collaborates with more than 300 family doctors who have recruited 37.000 patients in four of the five Lombardia Health Trusts involved.

Telbios is certified for the: ''Design and provisioning of telemedicine, tele monitoring service and e- health, support to management of chronic patients, telecare, innovative technologies in healthcare and e-learning services.'' (IQNet: Certificate ISO 9001:2008; CSQ: Certificate ISO 9001:2008) and since 2010, Telbios has maintained a quality management system in compliance with the law UNI EN ISO 13485:2004 for the following activities: ''Design, production, installation, assistance and maintenance of medical device software'' (IQNet: Certificate ISO 13485:2004; IMQ: Certificate CE 1331 MDD INSALUTE).

Contribution to the ASSEHS program

Telbios represents the Lombardia Region’s CReG Program (Chronic Related Groups), a program managing 60’000+ chronic patients in the Region. Furthermore Telbios coordinates work package 7, on “Population and individual risk stratification implementation experience”.


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