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Regional Healthcare Agency is the technical support of Healthcare Regional Government. It has a budget of 3 million €. Together with Health districts and Hospital Trusts is responsible of organizing healthcare services of the entire region in order to guarantee the adequate delivery of services.

Ares is also responsible of guaranteeing the correct use of economic resources supporting top management in running the Healthcare service, planning the delivery of the service according to equity in health principle. Ares also runs specific project to guarantee the clinical governance of the Regional Healthcare System, such as the implementation of an integrated approach to chronic patients according to the Chronic Care Model, Systemic approach on Rare Diseases, Pharmacovigilance, Analysis, audit and assessment of health performances and innovation implementation; health Technology Assessment.

Ares represents Puglia Region in the "Interregional group on Health" in the Committee of the Regions,.and in the Coordination Group of Action B3 in the EIP on AHA initiative of the EC in Bruxelles. ARES was in charge of running the EU programmeInterreg IIIA – Italy-Albania Axe II – Environment and Health – 2.2 Healthcare System.

Ares relies on the expertise of Fondazione Mario NegriSud (FMNS, previously named Consorzio Mario Negri Sud) in methodological, epidemiological, and statistical issues. The scientific activities of FMNS is aimed at the prevention and cure of human diseases. Since his foundation the senior staff of around 80 researchers has given a significant contribution to the advancement of scientific knowledge internationally. The FMNS activities are also dedicated to training of predoctoral and postdoctoral fellows, including an International PhD Programme.

Contribution to the ASSEHS program

FMNS has yet developed, validated, and tested procedures of analysis and epidemiological use of administrative databases in chronic diseases promoting pharmocovigilance, stratification of clinical risk across the continuum of care, and health care models. The development/application of record-linkage procedures in on-going studies have ensured an intensive use of regional sanitary administrative databases (SADs) in order to stratify the clinical risk profile of the whole geriatric population of Apulia region.In this cohort FMNS have provided the necessary statistical and methodological support to apply yet validated stratification tools (such as Charlson Comorbidity)and to develop and validate new predictive models derived by data contained in SADs.

ARES – with the support of GPs - have included a representative geriatric cohort through a web-base form in which are report clinical, diagnostic, socio-economical, and self sufficiency data.

ARES and FMNS will actively participate in work packages 4 and 7.

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