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Third Consortium Meeting ASSEHS- 23-24 June 2015 in Bari (Italy)

September 08, 2015

The third consortium meeting of the ASSEHS project was hosted by the Puglia Region in Bari on 23-24 June 2015. The meeting represented an important signpost of the work in progress carried out by the partners during these first 18 months. In fact more than half of the project has been completed and most of the preliminary work has been concluded. In the coming months, the consortium has to concentrate efforts on the definition of  the tools to be put in place in order to inform the White Paper which will represent the final outcome of the project. This was the main objective of the meeting in Bari. 

During the meeting, as well as reporting on the progress of the Work Packages, the partners concentrated their efforts on the following: (i) reaching a full agreement with regards to the strategies to be put in place in order to disseminate the project findings, and (ii) the structure of the White Paper which is intended  to be a document for use by the Regions to generate awareness on Risk Stratification matters and to identify recommendations for detecting improvement areas based on concrete examples carried out by Regions using specific tools.

The meeting also highlighted how the ASSEHS project has already given a very important contribution to the EIP on AHA, specifically for the " Risk Stratification" Action Area. It  has significantly enriched the work carried out in the Action Area and is going to contribute considerably to the overall Scaling up process aimed by the EC in the EIP on AHA, the consortium having agreed on the fact that the project will only be successful if the results are transferable to other countries and cultures. 

To this extent,  an electronic tool has been developed with this aim in mind. Philips Research presented their Appraisal Standard Tool, which is an online tool freely accessible but without open access. This has been achieved thanks to the work carried out by ASSEHS (desktop research and literature review).
This Tool is an important step forward in the Risk Stratification Field. The aim is to inform programme managers and policy makers about the available up to date methodologies, as well as to give them advice on how to better identify the most appropriate methodology for use according to their specific needs.

The Lead Partner considered the meeting very productive and successful, a relevant step forward in the ongoing process of ASSEHS implementation. A lot of hard work has been done but the activities yet to be carried out are numerous and there is less than a year left to the end of the project.  

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