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The final ASSEHS meeting

June 20, 2016







The final ASSEHS meeting was held in Montpellier, 30-31 May 2016.

The following members attended the event: 

  • Jean Bousquet,  Anna Bedbrook, Fabienne Portejoie (CHRU)
  • Daniele de Massari (PHILIPS RESEARCH)
  • Ilaria Baroni, Marco Nalin (TELBIOS)
  • Tino Martí, Jordi Martinez, Francesc Guillem Lopez (TICSALUT)
  • Barbara Branchini, Francisco Rodenas (UVEG)
  • Cristina Domingo, Eduardo Millan (OSAKIDETZA)
  • Esteban de Manuel, Jose María Aguirre, Irati Erreguerena, Catalina Martínez, Anna Giné (KRONIKGUNE)
  • Alma Linkeviciute (SAB).

The following agenda was discussed during the one and a half days:

  • The appraisal standard
  • The feasibility report
  • The report on impact analysis
  • The evaluation report
  • The white paper
  • The awareness building report.

The meeting was highly successful and led to a number of discussions.

In particular, we discussed the possibility of a follow up of ASSEHS with AIRWAYS ICPs, an EIP on AHA project.

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