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Fourth Consortium Meeting ASSEHS - 10-11 November 2015 in Barcelona (Spain)

January 12, 2016

The fourth consortium meeting of the ASSEHS project was hosted by the Catalonia Region in Barcelona on 10-11 November 2015.

The meeting focused on the alignment of the work developed by the different work packages and pilot regions with regards to the project last semester. During this final phase, the intervention assessment framework (IAF), composed of a set of tools developed in coordination between WPs 4, 5, 6 and 7, will be applied to the four study regions. The review of the ASSEHS core job, to assess the different interventions carried out in each region, was the most important mission of the meeting. Led by Telbios, IAF was presented and discussed by all participants in order to ease the assessment deployment and reach agreement in those tools that showed discrepancies in its application to the regions. A consensus was reached for the survey on the impact of risk stratification tools (WP6) and the interview on stratification tools (WP4) as well as the funding (WP6).

The meeting started with a review of work package progress and the presentation of the intervention and risk stratification programmes in Catalonia. It is worth noting that WP3 presented the risk stratification benchmark, the  Appraisal Standard Tool, through a web dashboard.

The second day of the meeting focused on the discussion of the design and content of the White Paper as well as the evaluation of the project led by Instituto Polibienestar. The White Paper will consolidate the work done by all WPs and will summarize the lessons learnt across the implementation of improvement areas in each pilot region.

With regards to dissemination, a summary of communication activities was presented by WP2 leaders and Prof. Bousquet detailed the advances in publications, announcing ASSEHS paper number four. Dr. de Manuel also highlighted the interest raised in EIP on AHA scheduled for December 9th and the opportunity of spreading ASSEHS final findings during the next International Conference on Integrated Care that will be held in May 2016.

The meeting was closed by the lead partner acknowledging the progress achieved and hurrying the partners up to materialize the final milestones and deliverables.

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