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ASSEHS worshop in the 16th International Conference on Integrated Care in Barcelona.

June 14, 2016

A highly relevant dissemination activity of the ASSEHS project was conducted on the 24th May 2016, in a dedicated Workshop organized during the 16th International Conference on Integrated Care in Barcelona.

The workshop, entitled "Risk stratification tools for integrated care: appraisal, deployment and impact in Europe" aimed to showcase the good practices in a participative workshop and to share the state of the art of risk stratification tools and implementation practices.

The main results of the ASSEHS project were presented and a panel was organized. The ASSEHS Appraisal Standard was introduced by Daniele de Massari (Philips Research). The dashboard allows one to access the knowledge base, to perform the appraisal and comparison of different RSs and to collect other valuable insights on the use of RSs. The Risk Stratification Feasibility Framework and the main lessons learned in the implementation experiences were presented by Esteban de Manuel (Kronikgune). Also, RS Impact in healthcare structures, on healthcare processes and results were presented by Tino Marti (TICSalud). 

The panelists were representatives from Scotland (Ahmad Mahmoud - NHS 24), Valencia (Ascensión Doñate - University of Valencia), Catalonia (Juan Carlos Contel - Department of Health) and the Basque Country (Anna Giné - Kronikgune). Each of them presented their current situation and answered questions about the RS tool used for RS deployment and RS impact in their Region (see the below Questions to the panel). Common and specific facilitators and barriers were identified as lessons learnt from each experience as well as areas that require further development.

More than 70 people participated in the workshop. Participants were called to explain their strategy development, risk stratification tool selection, programme design and deployment and impact on structures, process and outcomes. Representatives of Veneto, Israel, New Zealand and Australia introduced their experiences and actively discussed risk stratification tools, deployment and impact and good practices, barriers and facilitators.. 
The workshop was chaired by Esteban de Manuel, ASSEHS Project Coordinator.

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