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ASSEHS is well on its way!

September 08, 2015

ASSEHS is well on its way!

We are at month 21 of the project. All tasks related to the analysis phase are completed. Several products are already available such as the risk stratification tools appraisal standard,  the performance management and the implementation frameworks. We have reported the activity and deliverables as well as the resources used to the European Commission. 

Now we are on to the next phase. The four pilot regions, Catalonia, Puglia, Lombardy and the  Basque Country have identified improvement areas in their risk stratification strategies and will work on them.

We will gather information and evaluate this phase. At the June Consortium Meeting in Bari, we had the opportunity to discuss and agree on the tools we will use (questionnaires, focus groups or quantitative data collection). The baseline analysis already completed will complement this.

At the end of the project (month 30) there will be deliverables dealing with evaluation of tools, facing implementation and assessing impact (all coming from the different Work Packages). The White Paper will summarize our findings and recommendations and will ultimately determine the following: (i) whether or not  ASSEHS has been successful and (ii) whether we will be able to spread the use and the application of Risk Stratification to minimize the deterioration of conditions and/or to prevent emergency or hospital admissions, not only in our regions but also in other countries and cultures.

I really hope that you all find our work of interest.

We will keep sharing it with you!

By Esteban de Manuel Keenoy. 

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