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ASSEHS’ Feasibility and Impact Questionnaire

January 11, 2016

In ASSEHS, the collection of practical information generated through the implementation process of risk stratification strategies was identified as an important issue. There is a lack of scientific production in this field. Few experiences about risk stratification implementation are described in literature.

A Feasibility and Impact Questionnaire was designed by WP5 team with the cooperation of the consortium members. The questionnaire was targeted to key informants involved in Risk Stratification implementation. It was deployed in the four ASSEHS regions (Puglia, Lombardy, Catalonia and Basque Country). Semi-structured interviews were conducted with the key informants.

The Feasibility and Impact Questionnaire covers four key areas: ICTs (integration, information display and availability); Training of professionals involved; Internal communication (potential benefits, role of each agent…) and Local barriers and facilitators (context, institutional support and leadership).

The questionnaire was sent to 30 key informants in total, distributed in Catalonia, Basque Country, Lombardy and Puglia. Finally, 26 answers were received from different settings: 9 from primary care, 4 from prevention and planning service, 3 from Specialized care and 10 from others setting (telecare and technological provision services and others).

The results show that several factors are relevant for the risk stratification implementation process. They include the prior situation in each region, the target population of the risk stratification tool and the risk stratification functionalities. They also point out that planning, deployment and change management are important in the implementation process. Identify gaps in those aspects will enable implementers to improve the process.

The analysis of the data gathered through this questionnaire has been qualitative, and the first findings of this research will be published shortly in a paper in which WP5 team and WP2 are already working.

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