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January 13, 2016

Philips Research is the work package 4 (WP4) leader within the ASSEHS project. The main task of WP4 is the development of a consolidated standard for appraising stratification techniques facilitating critical and comprehensive comparisons among different risk stratification (RS) models. This tool, named ASSEHS Appraisal Standard (AS), is expected to provide meaningful insight for policy makers and health care managers towards a broader integration of RS tools in European health care systems.

Within WP4, the first half of the project was devoted to carrying out a Scoping review which led to the design of the AS. The latter has already been described extensively in a previous Deliverable and it comprises those features that help to univocally describe an RS model and the scenario where it has been deployed and tested. Therefore, not only the performance (e.g. discriminative power, predictive capacity, etc.) of the models are considered but also the implementation requirements (e.g. data and health information systems' specifications), as well as the predictors (e.g. clinical, socio-demographic, pharmacy data, etc.) used to derive the risk score. Moreover, the AS also considers the information regarding the study, which introduced and tested the model, and the population's characteristics upon which the model was applied. Therefore, different dimensions have been identified to drive the appraising of an RS model. The AS will support exhaustive reports on existing as well as future stratification techniques for complete and transparent documenting. Undoubtedly, this tool will ease the comparison among different stratification methods and facilitate their broad deployment.

On the one hand, the Scoping review facilitated the generation of the AS framework (i.e. the data model comprising all the dimensions and properties to univocally and comprehensively describe an RS model). On the other hand, it enabled the collection of the information related to validations of stratification tools in different populations that have been published either in publically available reports or in peer-reviewed journal articles. This activity led to the generation of a database reporting the description of any RS encountered in the Scoping review as well as an outline of the scenario in which those tools were evaluated in accordance to the AS framework.

The WP4 AS dashboard  is a web-based dashboard which allows the user to retrieve the data collected during WP4 Scoping review. The dashboard has been designed using shinydashboard (RStudio, Inc. 2014) and contains different tabs, each allowing the user to refine the selection of the information from the database according to specific criteria. During the ASSEHS project, WP4 organized a workshop to introduce the AS framework to the ASSEHS consortium and the members of the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) as well as to collect those potential questions around RS to which the dashboard might give an answer. Each tab of the dashboard is dedicated to one or a combination of questions/issues as defined during the workshop.

The dashboard was designed to provide, among other things:

• a suggestion to healthcare managers on the best-in class RS for a specific setting;
• a useful tool for RS designers and researchers to benchmark their own tools;
• a source of information (e.g. list of references) to healthcare professionals who want to read about RS.

The current version of the dashboard allows the user to investigate and filter the RS tools appraised and stored in the database from three different perspectives: the outcome predicted by the RS, the predictors set required as input by the RS and the healthcare system category within which the RS has been evaluated. Each of these perspectives has a dedicated tab where the user can conduct the search and visualize the results. In addition, the dashboard comprises two tabs where the user can have a more detailed overview of all the RS appraised and the study settings in which those were evaluated.

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